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Intelligence system solutions and applications ISSA

We believe that good performance management is critical for companies

We are specialist in technologies, desktope software, mobile apps, Central Data Services, IT Hardware, website designing & development, SEO services, Business development and management services, authenticating social media accounts, IT consulting and software in general. Our services include: erp system -bms-pos-crm system-mas system, Connecting websites with desktop software.
We are based in the UAE, so there’s unlimited talent at our disposal. ISSA exists to meet the growing demands of IT services worldwide, earning us a reputed clientele around the globe from varying industries.
Both small and medium companies want to grow by inculcating digital uplift, yet they are sceptical of hit-and-trial freelance hiring methodology. ISSA eliminates their fears by serving through the in-house team of experts as well as a network of offshore professionals. For critical projects, we also offer onsite service and support. Our business model allows us to get maximum results with the minimum possible cost.

Our mission is to become the one of the best software service company in the world based in UAE

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