Learn about the technology industry and different kinds of computer jobs. Read about the different career paths you can take in information technology. Find out what training you need and where to start your job search.

Technology is any tool people use to do their work. Today, the most important tool in almost every business is the computer. If you can use this important tool, you can find a job. There are many computer jobs for skilled workers.  The jobs overlap with every other industry, from health to hospitality to manufacturing. All these industries need people with computer skills.

Which computer job?

Computer jobs are often called information technology (IT). An IT professional can follow many different paths:

  • Coding and programming –­ programmers write the code that is behind every program. This is good place to start because training is easily available and there are lots of entry-level jobs.
  • Web developer – these days, every business needs a website. This is a good job if you want to work for yourself.
  • Project manager – project managers bring together and facilitate teams of diverse IT professionals. They help them to work together efficiently toward a project/goal. Learn how to become an IT project manager.
  • Analytics and data – more and more businesses use data to make money. A data scientist analyzes data to produce useful information for businesses.
  • Security – data and system security is important to most businesses. It is a fast-growing field.
  • Administrator – IT specialists and network administrators are responsible for keeping a company’s system working. They make sure the network is connected and doing what employees need.
  • Health information technician (HIT)  – health information technicians keep digital medical records safe, accurate, and up to date. Learn how to become a health information technician.
  • Software developer – makes applications and custom programs for a particular business or for everyone. Games and other applications for smartphones are growing fields. Find out how to become a mobile app developer.